Official 8″ Angry Birds Plush Toys For Sale!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
By OP Editor

Angry Birds plush toys, inspired by the popular Rovio iOS game, will be available in limited quantities in December and January!

Angry Birds Large Plush Toys 8-inch

Buy Official 8-Inch Angry Birds Plush Toys!

We’ve seen Angry Birds in real life, Angry Birds food art, amazing Angry Birds cake, and Angry Birds Peace Summit. Now you can own large Angry Birds Plush Toys! They are almost iPad height, at 8″ (about 20 CM) tall and available for $14.99 each. Four of the birds are shipping in December. The yellow bird and the piggies are only available for pre-order, expected to ship in January 2011.

Shipping in December:

  • Black Bomb Angry Bird
  • Blue Angry Bird
  • Red Angry Bird
  • White Angry Bird

Shipping in January:

  • Yellow Angry Bird
  • Green Pig
  • King Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • Helmet Pig

Official Angry Birds Plush Toys, at 8-Inch Large!

Get them at the official Rovio approved angrybirds shop

Download the full game here:

Original Angry Birds for iPhone $0.99, iPad $4.99
Angry Birds Halloween for iPhone $0.99, for iPad $1.99


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2 Responses to “Official 8″ Angry Birds Plush Toys For Sale!”

  1. Don

    I’ll take a dozen Blue Angry Birds, but no pigs thanks. There’s one pig in the house and that’s me! One is enough, thank you.


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