Motorola Releases Pathetic iPad Bashing video

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
By OP Editor

Motorola tablet teaser is moronic. Here’s why their new iPad bashing video fails.

Motorola Pathetic iPad Bashing video

Video: Motorola Tablet Teaser Bashes iPad

Here’s the PATHETICALLY SAD “Tablet Evolution” video from Motorola:

Seriously? Did Motorola pay some middle school kids to make the video? Note the first scene looks fine, but it’s all downhill from there. We’ve seen better animation in the 1990s. Ever heard of the company called Pixar?

Using horrible CGI animation, Motorola bashes Apple iPad and Samsung Android-train-wreck tablet. Unknowing writes its own death note with a black-clip-art shrouded Motorola device.

After showing an Egyptian hieroglyphic tablet, The Ten Commandments, Rosetta Stone, Mayan tablet, GriDPad, iPad, and Galaxy Tab, the Motorola tablet ad FAILs to show the actual product or explain why their fake iPad is better than the Apple device.

The ad did got lucky with a one-liner about the Mayan tablet “rumored 2012 self-destruction.” However, the best they can do to end the video is the anti-climatic “CES 2011″ text and the noise of a single bee farting.

So, what’s with the bee? Perhaps it’s teasing Google’s untested Android 3.0 honeycomb, Android’s first generation of fake iPad iOS. Or perhaps it’s teasing about releasing a device with the 1991 BeOS? Or maybe because Motorola will be introducing the iPad wannaBEE tablet next year?

iPad Tablet

Calling the iPad a giant iPhone is just ignorance. Hey Motorola, January 2010 called, it wants its juvenile joke back. By the way, already done by Apple: Steve leaked the 10″ iPod details in 2006.

In reality, iPad leads corporate tablet adoption (and consumer adoption). Within 6 months of its release, the iPad leapfrogged the failed Windows PC tablets. Bill Gates and Microsoft spent a decade promoting Windows devices, but they failed to gain significant adoption.

Surely, a vaporware device from Motorola with no specs, price, release date, or a decent mockup will kill the market-leading iPad. Motorola, how pathetic. User reactions:

  • “I think this seems a little arrogant considering they didn’t even make a mockup of the device…”
  • “How lame, dissing your competitors when you still haven’t announced a product yet.”
  • “Maybe they should spend some money on a quality campaign if they want to be taken seriously in this space.”

OP Editor thinks when it comes to making a fake iPad, perhaps Motorola should view its own ad, especially the part that says “Thou shalt not covet” with an iPad wanna-BEE tablet.

Update: It’s the PC ‘fast’ Motorola Xoom.


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2 Responses to “Motorola Releases Pathetic iPad Bashing video”

  1. Don

    If and when Motorola ever delivers their iPad wannabe, the only good thing about it will be all the copying of the iPad that they do, and then claimed was their original ideas.

    Maybe they’ll put in three cameras, a built-in can opener, potato peeler, nail file, make-up mirror, but what ever they do, at the end of the day, it’ll be just another ‘good enough’ Android device based on an OS that arrogantly rips off other people’s patents and ideas and, hopefully, one that will be soon sued out of existence and the sooner the better!

    • Agree. When is the last time Motorola is known for its innovation?

      I would say no make-up mirror though, because Android devices are too thick and clunky for most, if not all self-respecting gals.


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