iPod Nano Watch Hacked: Movies, Games, Apps Coming Soon?

Monday, December 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Developer James Whelton figured out how to hack the iPod nano (iWatch version) to modify its springboard. Potential DIY nano mods and jailbreak coming soon. Demo video.

iPod Nano 6G Watch Hacked, Jailbreak soon
(Hacked iPod nano 6G, not photoshopped)

Video: iPod Nano Watch 6G Hacked

The video shows James from nanohack.me is able to hack the iPod nano springboard, to remove an app and create a blank space. NOTE, he is NOT able to “install unofficially supported apps” yet, as some sites claimed.

“I do not have root access over the device. I did not ‘install’ an app. I figured out how to remove them.” Whelton wrote, but it’s an important step to achieving 6th gen iPod nano jailbreak.

Next step, enable “Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calendar events and so on” once he figures out the plist references. Tutorial coming soon, opening up possibility of hacking and modding the iPod nano watch.

nanohack.me via 9to5mac


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2 Responses to “iPod Nano Watch Hacked: Movies, Games, Apps Coming Soon?”

  1. Mofi

    Boy do I miss my coffee stained dirty old white apple keyboard.

    Anyway jailbreaking the iWatch sounds good, might get me one.

    • I still got my white / translucent keyboard. Thought I broke the left shift key by playing too much FPS (was sticking). But after taking out the key to clean out the lint, it’s still works pretty well.


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