iPhone Quilt: There’s a Nap For That!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
By OP Editor

Awesome multi-touch iPhone quilt, photo + catchphrase by creative iPhone fans.

CROP, iPhone Quilt, Nap for That

iPhone Quilt: There’s a Nap For That!

“iPhone Quilt: There’s a Nap For That!” Benjamin Stein and Arin Kramer, proud parents of their newborn, described. The iPhone Baby Quilt is created by Harriet Rosin for her new grandson, Gabriel Stein. Check out the handiwork:

iPhone Quilt, There's a Nap for That

They even got an Angry Birds inspired photo!

Angry Birds, Gabriel Stein piggy cap

As to the baby Gabriel, he’s got his own website and describes: “I am very patient with my parents, Benjamin Stein and Arin Kramer who do ridiculous things to me all the time and put it all on the Internet.”

Baby’s father, Benjamin Stein is the CTO of Mobile Commons, a text messaging platform for mobile marketing used by Adidas, American Express, AARP, Sierra Club, and many other companies.

via gabrielste.in


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