iPad Leads Corporate Tablet Market Adoption, Satisfaction

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
By OP Editor

ChangeWave survey of 1,641 business IT buyers in November 2010 shows that iPad leads the corporate tablet market.

Adoption: iPad in Corporate Tablet Market

For corporations that provide employees a tablet, The Apple iPad (82%) remains by far the most popular Tablet for business purposes. The iPad knockoffs are way behind, with HP Slate (11%) and Dell Streak (7%).

Apple iPad also leads in projected IT spending / expected corporate purchases for 2011 Q1 (first quarter), leading at 78% against oversized phone and vaporware from Dell, RIM / Blackberry, HP, and Samsung:

iPad vs. projected tablet demand 2011 Q1

Satisfaction: iPad in Corporate Tablet Market

In terms of satisfaction with their tablet, the Corporate market is most satisfied with the Apple iPad with (69%) very satisfied. HP is at (23%), and Dell at (12%).

Corporate Market iPad Tablet Satisfaction 2010 November

Dissatisfaction Rating: iPad vs. HP, Dell Tablet

The ChangeWave survey did not indicated the numbers that are dissatisfaction with their iPad or tablet. Thus, OP Editor took away “Very Satisfied” and “Somewhat Satisfied” to estimate those unsatisfied with their tablet. Traditional PC makers leads Apple in this dubious distinction. HP tablet leads with (31%) unsatisfied tablet users. Dells is close with (26%) unsatisfied users. iPad is an order of magnitude lower with only (3%) unsatisfied.

Corporate Market iPad Tablet Satisfaction 2010 November, numbers

Business Case Study: iPad Tablet Usage

3 months since the August 2010 survey, corporate usage of iPad tablet increased rapidly for these 6 business functions: Internet Access, Checking Email, Working Away from Office, Sales Support, Customer Presentations, and even Laptop Replacement.

iPad corporate usage, laptop replacement 2010 November August

Laptop Replacement, at 38% of companies that uses a tablet, is going to have a significant impact on PC sales when more companies move to use the iPad, which starts at $499 [iPad on: Best Buy | Amazon | Buy.com].

[Changewave, $1,500]
investorplace via macrumors


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2 Responses to “iPad Leads Corporate Tablet Market Adoption, Satisfaction”

  1. Don

    Hopefully, the iPad 2 will solidify Apple’s lead further, but it’s still early in the game. Some seem to think that Apple is just going to sit back and let others do with what Microsoft did to the Mac with Windows, but somehow I doubt that, and especially so that Steve is back at the helm.

    • Yup. Hasn’t happened with iPod for a decade, and the tablet is a much more complicated product.
      As usual, when they release their poor knockoff of the original iPad, Apple releases the next generation. But that’s still in 4 or 5 months.


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