Infinity Blade Releases Free New Content

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
By OP Editor

The free update to the hit iPad & iPhone game Infinity Blade: “Content Pack #1″ download is released! Details.

Infinity Blade Santa Hat

Infinity Blade, the popular sword fighting game from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment just released its first new free content pack.

Infinity Blade’s update pack 1 includes: 5 new Swords, 5 new Shields, 5 new Helmets, and 1 new set of Armor. The maximum character level is raised from 40 to 45. And there’s a new tough enemy “Marrow Fiend.” You can also listen to your own music. You can now purchase optional in-game gold, which costs from $0.99 to seriously n00b-tastic amount of $49.99 real dollars.

Infinity Blade Santa Helm

The update even includes a Christmas styled “Holiday Helm,” (via kotaku), which looks inspired by the Futurama evil robot Santa Claus:

Futurama Robot Santa Claus

Fix Infinity Blade Game Crashes

The game crashed the first time we launched the game on the iPad, but after rebooting the iPad (um 15 seconds?) and waiting a bit longer after the cutscene to proceed, the game plays fine and did not crash.

If you don’t have it yet, download Infinity Blade [itunes link] universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch now. Free Content Pack #2 is coming soon too.


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