Infinity Blade Game Review + Download

Thursday, December 9, 2010
By OP Editor

Infinity Blade review and nuances of combat explained. We knew Steve Jobs is a ninja after all, with Infinity Blade being a game of fast sword combat.

Infinity Blade Download Review

Infinity Blade Review

It is December 9, and as promised, Infinity Blade download is just released by Epic Games. So, how does it play? Here’s a review of its movement, combat, and RPG elements.

Infinity Blade is not an open-ended RPG or MMORPG. There is no free-roaming (or the time waiting for your character to get to places). Moving is done through point and click to way points. Between battles, you can pick up bags of coins, admire the scenery, check out enemy stats, and choose to fight the next enemy.

The combat system is all about technique and not button mashing. You control the combat: swing your sword by swiping, block with block button, dodge with bottom right or left, or parrying by swinging sword to strike the incoming attack.

A really accurate timing is required for parrying and dodging. Swing in the wrong time or at the wrong direction can leave your character open to attack during the enemy’s swing. But if you are successful in dodging or parrying you’ll get some bonus time to kick some monster arse.

During combat the position of your enemy and your view point can change at some points. Your enemy thus will attack from different location, changing the challenge. Thankfully the view points are not changed during weapon swings.

With combat you get experience, and eventually leveling up. With that, your character can upgrade different attributes. Your items also gain experience points with combat, which you can use to level up. Use the weapon, shield, armor, or item enough and eventually you’ll master it.

A mastered item provides bonus, however it stops providing experience points. That provides an incentive to rotate your weapons. You can sell a mastered weapon for more money though.

Infinity Blade IPA Download

If you like fencing and boxing games, you would definitely enjoy this. Verdict: Infinity Blade is more fun than any video could show. Download it now if you want to beat up some monsters with your quick combat reaction time:

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