Christmas Aliens Stole Xmas Sheep From My iPad!

Thursday, December 23, 2010
By OP Editor

Our favorite iPad tower defense game, Tower Madness, adds holiday alien fighting spirits.

Tower Madness iPad iPhone Christmas sheep

Yes, it’s a game where you fight aliens bent on stealing fluffy white and black sheep from your farm! Tower Madness is a fun RTS tower defense game with 49 towers, 16 enemy types, global leader board, Game Center achievements, plus in-game videos on how the best players beat the game.

Tower Madness iPad iPhone RTS Defense Game

Aliens beam down from flying saucers, travels to your farm through forest, desert, snow via the shortest route. If the aliens make it, they beam back to their spaceship, stealing a sheep per alien. To defend your flock, you got towers. Building or upgrading towers takes time and money, while eliminating aliens earns you money.

For a challenge, you can tell aliens to rush you without breaks (required for the highest scores). There is also an endless mode.

This game provides hours of fun. Its developer adds additional content regularly. Some few small level packs are added free, with larger level packs are available for in-app purchase.

Download Madness Tower Defense Game

Tower Madness HD for iPad [itunes link] is a $7.99 download with multiplayer support.
Tower Madness for iPhone and iPod touch [itunes link] is a $2.99 download.

Tip: if you are playing on higher difficulty levels, we suggest getting the flame thrower (in app purchase of $0.99). Toasty!


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2 Responses to “Christmas Aliens Stole Xmas Sheep From My iPad!”

  1. Don

    Cute! I know of one little nine-year old girl that would crazy for this…. damn, there goes another $7.99 out of my pocket!


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