“5 Women. 5 Apple iPads. One Night.”

Monday, December 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Viisi, the 5 girl vocal ensemble sings Madonna “Material Girl” with iPad instruments. House concert video.


Video: iPad Band Madonna Material Girl Viisi Cover

Viisi, vocal musicians and Apple fans from Finland sing an “a cappella” Madonna Material Girl cover performance, accompanied by their new 5 iPad:

In the video, the Viisi five switches between different iPad instruments with ease. Impressive, considering Apple iPad is only released in Finland a week before their iPad house concert. They even shot the video with an iPhone. The Viisi five do more than house concerts though, as they are represented by Sony Music in Finland.

Viisi 5 women iPad Madonna Material Girl concert

Pauliina Kokkonen told OP Editor the iPad apps used in the videos.

iPad Apps for “Material girl”:

They got another video, “Aikaisintaan sunnuntaina”:

Additional Apps used for “Aikaisintaan sunnuntaina”:

Like their music? You can get their Joulun Lauluja by Lauluyhtye Viisi on: [Finland-only itunes]

viisi via tuaw


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2 Responses to ““5 Women. 5 Apple iPads. One Night.””

  1. Don

    COOL…… but don’t even think of trying this on a Windows or Android tablet at home!

    • I pity the fool who might try that. The unresponsiveness of those wannabe devices for Fandroids and Microsheep will make any attempt at this extra painful.


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