Video: Steve Wozniak Explains Apple Company Name

Sunday, November 21, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple co-founder Woz sort of explains why Steve Jobs choose the name Apple in an anecdote.

Video, Steve Wozniak Explains Apple Company Name

Video: Steve Wozniak Explains Apple Company Name

Apple co-founder and the magical Steve Woz briefly talks about fruit orchards, Apple computer name, connection with Dancing with the Stars, and Apple Records / Beatles.

Steve Woz: Steve Jobs “worked in orchards in Oregon. I always hoped that there are Apple trees in that orchard, but I never knew for sure.”

Wozniak describes how someone on Dancing with the Stars said someone who worked with Steve Jobs on the orchard gave him the idea. However the person didn’t have any evidence to back that up.

One thing is for certain. After Steve Jobs came up with the Apple computer name, Apple Records / Beatles caused Apple Computers quite a bit of grief. Three decades later, Apple Records finally sort out its differences with Steve Jobs’ company by getting Beatles worldwide digital media distribution on Apple iTunes.

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