T-Mobile Uses “Get a Mac” Parody Against iPhone 4

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
By OP Editor

T-Mobile takes a belated stab at AT&T iPhone 4 Facetime video chat with their Get a Mac parody.

T-Mobile Uses Get a Mac Parody Against ATT iPhone 4

Video: T-Mobile Get a Mac iPhone 4 Parody

This funny Get a Mac spoof shows a young man as iPhone 4, with old man AT&T as bloated piggyback.

Apple’s popular humorous Get a Mac ads first aired in 2006 and concluded many months ago.

But, just as Microsoft’s late Mac vs. PC copy, T-Mobile releases its own belated copy with their parody against the iPhone 4: “T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G does things an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network can’t. For starters, you can video chat right away no Wi-Fi required.”

T-Mobile iPhone 4 Mobile Video Chat Understanding Fail

The T-Mobile ad is misleading. They must be thinking of the WiFi only Facetime video chat, in that case it’s true. But T-Mobile shows their complete ignorance about iPhone 4 Facetime video chat alternatives such as Fring [itunes link], Tango and Yahoo Messenger [itunes link] that works over the AT&T mobile network.

T-Mobile 4G Advertising Fail

PS. Does T-Mobile have 4G? In the ad they claimed that: “T-Mobile’s 4G network, HSPA+, operates at today’s 4G speeds; not available everywhere.”

Unfortunately that’s not true. HSPA is a 3G network, not 4G. (Typical HSPA rollouts can be achieved by a software upgrade to existing 3G networks). Selling 3G as 4G is false advertisement. In addition, most unlocked GSM phones is limited to EDGE speeds on T-Mobile US network due to their proprietary spectrum required for 3G. Never mind getting your phone to work on the limited area with T-Mobile HSPA+ network. And as mentioned: T-Mobile’s upgraded 3G network is “not available everywhere.”


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