Not an iPhone: A Stinking Dell Streak Ad?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
By OP Editor

Dell tries to make an original ad but fails with corny script and horrible acting?

Stinking Dell Streak Ad

Video: Dell Streak Android “Tablet” Ad

Dell did not copy the successful Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch commercial here:

FAIL: Dell advertises corny pickup lines and that video of hockey game as ways to pickup girls. The question is, is the Dell Streak ad real or fake?

Production is too good to be amateur and it shows the product clearly. It’s also clearly not a spoof designed to be funny, and no self-respecting artist would make such a bad video. But it doesn’t have any Dell, Intel, and Windows logos graphics, so it might be a commercial that never finished post-production. By the way, if you look at the video chat display, the camera angle is wrong. The ad shows up eye-level camera angle, but the actors in reality will get an up-nose shot.

Dell does have a history of low quality advertising: only last year, Dell has angered femaled users by stereotyping their use of a computer only for “calorie counting, finding recipes, and watching cooking videos.” That portion of the Dell website was quickly removed. Is this the same ineffectual marketing for Dell Streak?

Dell Streak Ad advertises corny lines

Ken Segall thinks “Maybe this ad was produced internally at Dell to fire up the troops.” We think it’s a designed by committee ad that someone leaked to show how bad Dell’s taste is, so that Dell won’t actually use it.

At least they didn’t copy Apple’s discontinued campaign from 2006. We’re look at you, the unoriginal T-Mobile’s Get a Mac spoof.

What’s a Dell Streak?

Oh, some might wonder: what’s a Dell Streak? Is it similar to the Microsoft so-so squirt?

Dell tries to follow the 2007 iPhone by introducing the Dell Streak / Mini 5. Finding “oversized phone” not really a viable advertising option, they called the pocket toaster sized 5″ Android device a smartphone / tablet PC hybrid. The designed by committee Dell Streak was first went on sale on June 4th 2010 and sold with outdated Android 1.6.

Does the Dell Streak stinks of fail? Would using a Streak as awkward as running naked in a public place?

via Ken Segall


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4 Responses to “Not an iPhone: A Stinking Dell Streak Ad?”

  1. Don

    Hmmmm….. nice looking guys and even nicer looking women in a very UGLY commercial…. what the HELL, its definitely a DELL!

  2. AMR71

    Actually, the Streak is a really nice device. Everywhere I take mine, I get comments about it. For me, it’s like having an iPhone and an iPad in a single device. It’s a shame Dell has fumbled such a promising product so badly. It’s actually only been available in the U.S. for a month or so — those of us who wanted one have had to wait for months while it was available in Europe. Now we’re supposed to be getting a Froyo upgrade “any day now.” Sigh.


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