Mini Steve Jobs Action Figure

Sunday, November 21, 2010
By OP Editor

Extremely detailed hand-made mini Steve Jobs action figure with iPhone 4, on Apple pedestal.

Steve Jobs Action Figure

Is it a work of art?

Most realistic Apple CEO action figure ever, of Steve Jobs wearing his famous black turtleneck, Levi jeans, and new balance sneakers. The mini CEO wears removable glasses and holds a really tiny iPhone 4 with detailed home screen and Apple logo back!

One More Thing, Steve Jobs Action Figure, speech bubble

You can even put up real speech bubbles. OP thinks: A Steve quote a day drives MicroSheep away!

The mini Steve Jobs action figure is larger than an iPhone 4 but smaller than an iPad. Want to have a mini-Steve Jobs action figure? M.I.C store has SOLD OUT of all limited edition of 300 sets of the Steve Jobs figure at $79.90 each. More photos at micgadget.

micgadget via engadget


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6 Responses to “Mini Steve Jobs Action Figure”

  1. Ethan

    where can we purchase it?

  2. Ethan

    bummer…thanks for your reply.

  3. Don

    Boy, oh boy, would I ever love to have one of these bad boys! If only they weren’t sold out and I had the extra cash, I’d have one of these Stevie Windows and Android butt kickers standing guard next to my Mac!


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