Mac OS Weather Widgets, Star Wars Style

Friday, November 19, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple Mac OS X weather widget designs, if Cupertino is located in the Star Wars Universe.

Cloud City, Apple Star Wars Weather Widget

Weather report, from A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… These Apple Mac OS weather widgets with the Star Wars touch are the creation of Romanian artist Cristian -Kit- Paul, of Kitblog, a graphic designer and founding partner of Brandient.

That’s no moon! It’s a trap. “Anytime there’s even a partial chance of Death Star, it’s usually a good sign to get off planet, and quick. Just ask Alderaan… Oh wait, you can’t.” describes Buzzfeed.

Alderaan, Apple Star Wars Weather Widget

How often would you see double rainbow on the double sunny Tatooine?

Tatooine, Apple Star Wars Weather Widget

Ice planet Hoth is a little cold, maybe with a slight chance of flurries:

Planet Hoth, Apple Star Wars Weather Widget

Dagobah, a distant, mist-shrouded swamp planet with a chance of Jedi Master Yoda sighting:

Dagobah, Apple Star Wars Weather Widget

kitblog via buzzfeed


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