iPod Nano Watch Silicon Band

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
By OP Editor

Make your own 6th generation iPod nano into a watch. Does this still count as a DIY iWatch?

iPod Nano Watch Band, to make DIY iWatch

Forget a plain watch band to hold your high tech & musical iWatch. Here’s a silicon iPod nano watch case with integrated control-buttons. It looks like it offers a bit more protection than just a watch band. Comes with 9 colors:

iPod nano Watch band, iWatch

Currently available for $25 at shophex. Practical or not?

Thanks Maria for the reminder about the cool iPod nano watch band.

DIY iPod Nano Watch


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2 Responses to “iPod Nano Watch Silicon Band”

  1. Don

    I’m not crazy about some of the ‘fruity colors’, but otherwise I like em! Would be better if they included a wireless option so you wouldn’t need to use plug in ear phones, but nonetheless I really like the idea of wearing an iPod as a watch.

    • Guess they are targeting girls with some of those colors, although they do have the classic black, silver, and white. I wonder what’s the most crazy combination of iPod color + watch band color mix?

      About wireless, got an article about that coming up in the near future.


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