FAIL: iOS 4.1 Alarm Bug Hits US

Monday, November 8, 2010
By OP Editor

iOS 4.1 alarm bug hits US first weekday after day light savings time, on on Nov 8, 2010.

iPhone iPod touch fail, iOS 4.1 Alarm Bug Hits US

The alarm issue on iOS 4.1 on iPhone & iPod touch recently affects some European countries. It hits U.S. just now. Those affected will find the alarm is off by 1 hour. In the example, an alarm set for 8am turned on at 9am.

The alarm bug only affects recurrent alarms, such as the weekly alarm. It does not affect one-time alarms.

iPhone iPod touch 4.1 Firmware Alarm Fix

How to fix iOS Alarm Bug?

  • One time alarm, but you have to turn it back on each day
  • Deduct one hour weekly alarm

iOS 4.2 Firmware, which just become GM (final version) candidate and is expected to release any day now, contains the fix for the alarm bug.

Update, Tuesday:
Looks like people might be affected by different issues. Changed the alarm 1 hour early today and it rang 1 hour early. Tomorrow, testing one changed back to the original time, and one changed to original time minus one minute.


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4 Responses to “FAIL: iOS 4.1 Alarm Bug Hits US”

  1. Matt

    I restored iOS 4.1 on my iPhone 4 and no recurring alarms work fine without having to set it an hour early.

    • Yeah. Strange bug. At least you figured out how to get it to work. This morning my 1 hour early alarm happened 1 hour early, not at the 1 hour early of 1 hour late time. =/

    • Matt

      The strange thing is now that I’ve re-jailbroken my iPhone 4 using greenpois0n the alarm issue is back again.

  2. I used Pwnagetools to update to 4.1 on iPhone 4. Alarm is created while on 4.0.1. It appears that changing the recurrent alarm works to get it back to normal time.

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