iPad Magic Fiddle: Canon in D Performance

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
By OP Editor

The new Magic Fiddle for iPad, created by Smule, maker of I’m T-Pain and Magic Piano.

iPad Magic Fiddle, Canon in D Performance

Video: Magic Fiddle for iPad

In the video, St. Lawrence String Quartet performs the classic song Canon in D on their iPad:

Like Magic Piano, there is a “songbook” mode where you can play the instrument Guitar Hero style, in addition to Solo and World modes.

The Magic Fiddle iPad App now has scoring and global leaderboard. Earn scores for every song, and medals for playing well. It also has StoryBook mode, an “8-chapter interactive journey to teach you different techniques with activities and step-by-step instructions.”

Does it work? It surely looks a lot easier (and less cat scratching noise) than learning the violin!

Magic Fiddle [itunes link] for iPad is available for $2.99.


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