Great iPhone Fighter Game: Beast Boxing is a Knock Out

Friday, November 12, 2010
By OP Editor

Ever want to punch a monster? Now’s your chance with this iPhone and iPod touch boxing game, where you play a little human boxer in a beastly world.

Beast Boxing, Great iPhone Game

Beast Boxing: Great iPhone, iPod touch Boxing Game

Beast Boxing, is a new classic Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! style boxing game. It looks great and the controls are well polished.

The controls are intuitive, using taps swipes fight and tilt to dodge. There is a story-based Career mode, a Gym with RPG styled upgrades and power ups. Beast Boxing also has Game Center support with 20 achievements.

Video: Beast Boxing Trailer

Its developer, Goodhustle Studios, describes Beast Boxing: “You’re a human from the slums – a little person in a beastly world. You’ve always been a fan of the famous Beast Boxers of the world – Steve, the Fitness Skeleton, Kamander, the champion of the Pro Leagues and owner of Kamander’s Dojo, and the invincible armored beast Darbech at the top of them all. One day, you find a monster costume that looks like it’ll hold up to the rigors of the ring. You saved up all your cash to buy it, and you head off to the local boxing gym to take your qualifiers. The rest is Beast Boxing history‚Ķ”

[itunes link] on sale $2.99 right now.

Do you think the developer would include multiplayer support, so you can punch your friends Fight Club style over the iPhone? That would make this great game even better!


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