Google Boutiques Confirms: iPad = “Your Tablet”

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
By OP Editor

While announcing new fashion shop and iPad App, the official Google Blog confirms iPad is the only worthwhile tablet.

Google Blog, iPad Your Tablet

Google: iPad = Your Tablet

On the page that introduces Google’s U.S. only women’s fashion shop, Google slips out that iPad = tablet, by ignoring the iPad knockoffs.

“Boutiques on your tablet – Download our iPad application, lean back and move through inventory as if you were flipping through clothes on a rack at the store.” Describes the Official Google Blog.

Google Blog, iPad is your tablet

The Google Boutiques’ only tablet app is available for the iPad [itunes link].

There is no mention of iPad wannabes such as fake iPad tablets, Samsung’s Android “train wreck” Galaxy Tab, Toshiba’s Android Folio 100 (pulled from stores after high return rates), HP Slate (under 10,000 sold), JooJoo (under 100 sold), or the BlackBerry Playbook (won’t even hit the market for 6 months, scheduled right before Apple releases next generation iPad, which will make the RIM device obsolete).

Seems that Google doesn’t consider any of them to be a worthy iPad competitor.

It’s no surprise due to the overwhelming success of the Apple tablet that sees widespread consumer and enterprise adoption. With 3 million iPad sold in 80 days, and with adoption rate of the Apple tablet faster than the now ubiquitous DVD players, no wonder the Mountain View search engine giant choose to release apps for the Apple device and call iPad = “your tablet.”

And oh, Google’s has some great fashions, viewable on the iPad:

Sam Edelman, Google Boutiques, iPad tablet app

via googleblog


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4 Responses to “Google Boutiques Confirms: iPad = “Your Tablet””

  1. Don

    Google might recognize the iPad as being the only worthy tablet for now, but trust me, this evil corporation will be ripping it off the way just like they did with the iPhone and soon!

    • Like Microsoft, they will be always behind Apple in terms of technology and usability. I wonder how the patents for iPhone / iOS is going to work out in court.

  2. Don

    I don\’t remember exactly were I read it, but I read a poll of patent experts who expressed that it was their firm belief that Apple had a much better than 50 % chance of winning any patent case involving the iPhone\’s multi-touch.

    Some say that prior art is involved, but they don\’t even apparently know what that entails. Prior art is something that is widely known, or is held in the common public knowledge. Everyone knows about street lamps, so therefor it\’s impossible to patent the concept. Before the iPhone came along, the public at large, had no idea what multi-touch was until Apple finally introduced it. It doesn\’t matter if others were working on the same thing, something before hand, if they don\’t bother to patented it, it matters not. The early bird truly gets the worm.

    For example, Apple took out a patent for the iPod\’s interface several days after a Singaporean company did, and guess who ended up paying $100 million to settle? Apple did the paying out. The fact that they were both working on the same thing meant nothing, you actually have to take out a patent if you want to protect your intellectual property.

    Some are saying that Google is in big trouble when it comes to patents, and I, for one, agree as you can read in the link below:


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