FAIL: Samsung Galaxy Tab Flash Pop-Up Ad Annoys CNN Users

Thursday, November 11, 2010
By OP Editor

“Read CNN like never before” How? With annoying full page pop-up ads for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pop-Up Flash Ads Annoy CNN readers

While iPad gets attention for doing things well, Android tablet maker thinks annoying users would be the way to get some attention, as seen on November 10, 2010 with Safari Flash blocker above.

Normally, large ads are triggered by a mouse over. However, Samsung is so desperate for some publicity, it prefers to annoy users with their Galaxy Tab ads that pops-up even with Flash blocker turned on.

Perhaps that’s truth in advertising for the Android tablet “experience.”

Fail, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pop-Up Ad Annoys CNN users

The annoying ad campaign for the Samsung “Pocketable Train Wreck” was short lived, pulled by CNN after 1 day.


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5 Responses to “FAIL: Samsung Galaxy Tab Flash Pop-Up Ad Annoys CNN Users”

  1. Don

    The Samsun Galaxy is too small, too expensive and too late! For me, it’s not even a contender.

  2. badger

    I picked up a tab when it came.out in the UK and so far so good. I can’t say I haven’t noticed a pattern in the apple vs Samsung war though. Pro Samsung pages are laid back and chilled and just ooze panache and class about why Samsung is better. Pro apple pages get angry and call Samsung devices knock offs or fakes. This astonishes me as the IPhone 4 which has become known as simply the I and the ipad being non expandable and not 3G as standard. The Samsung might not have the image of the apple products but certainly the hate claims made by apple fans have no grounding to them whatsoever or even your self OP editor could come out with constructive reasons why. After literally binning an iPhone 3GS after 20 hours of owning one. I hoped the IPhone 4 would save the day. Although it has a very pretty display, the lack of signal and in call button pushing wound me up.


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