Download Infinity Blade iPhone & iPad IPA. Real or Fake?

Saturday, November 27, 2010
By OP Editor

You can download hot Apple iOS game Infinity Blade IPA, a website claims.

Infinity Blade IPA Download

Update: Infinite Blade Now Available

November 29 Update: Infinity Blade release date & pricing

December 8 Update: Get the Infinity Blade Download + Game Play Video, released by Epic Games

“Download Infinity Blade iPhone IPA”

The STORY is that the finished game leaked, and you can download it now:

“One of the most hyped up iPhone games is finally here. Infinity blade uses high-end graphics for the all iOS devices and is expected to be a massive hit. A technical demo was released a while ago, but this is the final version of the game. A technical demo was released a while ago, but this is the final version of the game… Enjoy the newly leaked version of Infinity Blade.ipa”

Infinity Blade iOS iPA Download iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

The site, which self proclaimed as the “new alternative to Appulous,” describes that the leaked Infinity Blade download, at file size 231 MB, is not even on pirate sites.

Download Infinity Blade IPA Reality

Unfortunately, it’s a scam similar to the greenpois0n iPhone jailbreak phishing scheme, where a questionable web site promises leaked software ahead of its actual availability. The scammer goes around posting messages similar to this: “You can download the ipa file of Infinity blade here?! ”

In reality, even the creators of Infinity Blade (Epic Games and Chair Entertainment) don’t know when it’ll be completed. Just a few weeks ago Epic Game announced a vague delivery date. “Forthcoming Action-RPG Set to Deliver Epic Sword Battles on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this Holiday.”

Surely a shady website somehow finished development work for Epic Games, and got a “final” version of Infinity Blade out before its developers finished the game (and announced availability). The site also claims to provide downloads of “Mutant Bash TV.” ROTF. Look it’s even available for the iTouch! And the website wonderfully calls the Apple smartphone iPone.

The same scammer goes around posting similar messages on different games. Including Crysis 2 game download, which is available on March 22, 2011: “Actually, the game just leaked, I just downloaded a copy.” Pointing to site

EA Crysis 2 PC Download

The goal of these fraudsters is to profit from people clicking on ads or have them sign in using social networking accounts to steal personal information. In this case one of the links is designed to steal your Facebook account. There is no download (because the game is not completed yet, never mind leaked). So, don’t do it.

Download Infinity Blade from iTunes when it comes out. We’ll let you know when Epic Games releases the anticipated RPG. In the mean time, there are plenty of great looking games for iOS. One recent one is Rage HD for iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4g and iPod touch 3G.


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7 Responses to “Download Infinity Blade iPhone & iPad IPA. Real or Fake?”

  1. Mike

    I’ve been lurking around and never written any comment on your blog but now I feel that I have to.

    Thanks for letting us know but I googled that site you mentioned ( right?) and while I don’t support piracy it worked. And in no way did it ask for any Facebook information.
    What I find interesting is how the iPhone app piracy scene is developing, or rather it isn’t. Sure, there are apps which lets you install pirated copies but right now it’s not very common. A lot of my friends have jailbraked their phones but no one seem to do it to download illegal games. And that’s very positive direction, even if I feel like Apple is locking down the ability to do whatever I want to do with my iPhone.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading your blog!

    • Hi Mike,

      You are right about the FB thing. At this time it doesn’t look like this site made to steal FB accounts, but it still goes to external links. Basically, it’s just a way to trick people into clicking text link ads, because clicking on ads typically results in higher revenue. Result?

      It wastes people’s time, and in the end people don’t get what’s promised.

      You are right about low piracy rate. Who is going to steal titles that are a dollar or a few dollars? Doing that is akin to grown up stealing lollipops.

      Even the iPhone jailbreakers do not support piracy, as they run their own Cydia Store. And if it becomes a problem, the jailbreakers can shut down ability to add unsigned apps. Otherwise Apple can simply shut down the jailbreakers (there are only about dozen of top level guys), which isn’t really going to happen. Anyway, only about 10% of people jalbreak, and only a small number of that think stealing dollar Apps from mostly hard working independent developers are ok.

      Btw, Apple is all about integrated. The competitors who can’t figure it out calls the integrated approach closed. This has been the case since the Apple-1, which comes pre-built out of the box.

      Steve Jobs explains his “War on Flash.” Translation, Apple concentrates on important features to get them to work really well, instead of making a whole list of features that are not a pleasure to use.

      PS Thanks for commenting, glad to hear from loyal readers. =)

  2. Jordan

    Thanks for the heads up!
    One Correction If I May.
    Last Thursday or Friday, a few news articles said that the game would be out in few days. The article was on steve jobs speaking very glowingly about the game and in the same article it was said it would be out in just a fews days, meaning it probably be released sometime between Tomorrow or Thursday, cause thats when the App Store is updated. I think there are news article that pop on thursday and friday saying it was going to be out very very soon or few days.

    • Haven’t seen any legit sources that say that. By the way, Steve Jobs’ record of announcing products ahead of time is close to zero. Unlikely.

  3. Jordan

    I Show What I found


    Quote (Interviewing Chair/Epic on Infinity Blade Graphics and Other things)

    That’s exactly what Chair Entertainment hopes to do with its latest title, a milestone in iPhone/iPod gaming that highlights the graphic prowess of mobile devices. “Infinity Blade” should be released through Apple’s iTunes Store within the next few days. A price has not been set yet.

    Link 2:

    First Sentence: The gorgeous-looking Infinity Blade could be released on Apple’s App Store in the next few days…

    Also I wasn’t saying Steve Jobs was saying it was coming out soon, I simply referred to him because he was the focus on the article and was trying to remember from the top of my head of what the article was about.


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