Chicago Writer Stops Attempted iPhone 4 Mugging

Sunday, November 28, 2010
By OP Editor

Tale of Chicago writer Scott Kleinberg who can’t resist using his iPhone 4 and his personal encounter with iPhone muggers. With a happy ending.

Scott Kleinberg, stops iPhone 4 mugging

Chicago writer Scott Kleinberg knows gadget crimes are on the rise in cities, but can’t resist using his iPhone 4 while waiting for a commuter bus. 3 lurkers, including two early teens came upon him. One of them asked Scott a question while speaking in a low voice, so he had to lean in a little.

The attempted robber lunged at his iPhone. But Scott, being a dog owner, has quick reflexes: “just like when I play with my dog, I lifted the iPhone up and over my head, almost throwing it into my other hand and, barely missing a beat, place it in my other pocket.”

Even though he is out of shape, he chased the muggers for a mile through downtown Chicago, while calling 911 on his iPhone and giving police descriptions of the suspects. The police got 2 of the attempted muggers. “One officer explained how the department has been trying to catch these guys for a long time.” Scott describes.

Scott Kleinberg said he got lucky, and warns “Be careful, especially while walking or on the bus or train. These kids are fast. Don’t be a statistic. And don’t get hurt. It won’t be easy for me, but I know what I have to do.” Oh, and set up your iOS 4.2 Find My iPhone service.

Lesson here is, don’t take out your smartphone in questionable areas, even for people asking for directions. And the lesson for robbers is that some iPhone users can and will put muggers in jail. Furthermore, in some areas, even the police uses iPhone, maybe they need to run some sting operations?

Whole story at chicagonow


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