Buying Apps: Comic Interpretation

Sunday, November 28, 2010
By OP Editor

The Oatmeal covers some people’s irrational fear to spend a few dollars for those wonderful an inexpensive iOS apps.

Buying Apps Comic 1

Buying Apps Comic 2

Buying Apps Comic 3

Buying Apps Comic 4

Buying Apps Comic 5

Starbucks coffee? Check
New iPhone 4? Check
iPad 3GS with case? Check

Better think hard about buying App Store iPhone, iPod touch apps, and iPad apps for $0.99! The Oatmeal, creation of Matthew Inman, got it spot on. Some of his work is available as poster at his store too (on sale for Black Friday).

Side note, Matthew Inman describes how he gets 5 million unique visitors each month to read his humorous comics:

via theoatmeal


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2 Responses to “Buying Apps: Comic Interpretation”

  1. Don

    What a funny comic! I love it. Even though I don’t even try to get readers for my own little ‘practice blog’, I still must check out Matthew’s video on how to add five million readers… sounds cool!

    • Well, trying hard here. The current OP site traffic ranked in the top 50,000 in the US (including businesses & other websites, not just blogs). =)


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