Adobe Flash “Works” Great on the Mac!

Monday, November 8, 2010
By OP Editor

Flash, what is it good for? Looks like the proprietary Adobe Flash plugin has a “it just works” moment after all.

Adobe Flash works Great on Mac

iPhone Jailbreak Comex retweets: “Adobe Flash: for when you need to know your laptop’s fan still works.” by Matt Legend Gemmell, @mattgemmell.

Adobe Flash Drains Battery Life

How true. Adobe Flash siphons processor power so “it just works” to heat up your laptop to cut down battery life.

In a recent review of the new 11″ MacBook Air by Ars Technica, Flash is found to cut its battery life drastically, on the 11″ MacBook Air:

“Having Flash installed can cut battery runtime considerably – as much as 33 percent in our testing. With a handful of websites loaded in Safari, Flash-based ads kept the CPU running far more than seemed necessary, and the best time I recorded with Flash installed was just 4 hours. After deleting Flash, however, the MacBook Air ran for 6:02 – with the exact same set of websites reloaded in Safari, and with static ads replacing the CPU-sucking Flash versions.”

Keep in mind that over 3 years after the introduction of Apple iPhone, Flash on mobile devices are still crippled and buggy. The proprietary Adobe Flash plugin, is inefficient and outdated on almost all the platforms it’s available. That is the main reason why Steve Jobs explains of no Flash on iOS.


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2 Responses to “Adobe Flash “Works” Great on the Mac!”

  1. Don

    The sooner we can flush Flash, the better as far as I’m concerned!


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