13-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad [Photos]

Saturday, November 13, 2010
By OP Editor

Beautiful photos of the new 2010 Apple 13-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad.

13-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad

Size comparison of the new 13 inch MacBook Air with the Apple magical tablet. The photos are “shot with my old, but trust worthy iPhone 3G.” Corax from Macrumors forums describes. Photos posted with permission.

13-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad 3G

Size comparison, 13-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad

He describes his experience working with the 2010 MacBook Air 13″ with 1.86GHz, 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD: “The new MBA 13″ has truly been my best Mac purchase ever. With best I don’t mean best spec’d, but the experience in working with it. It’s really amazing for my use, especially in combination with my iPad.”

By Corax via MR forums


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2 Responses to “13-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad [Photos]”

  1. Don

    Hopefully, this ‘best Mac experience’ will also be coming to all Macs after OS X Lion hits the streets in another six or seven months?

    • Combination of Battery life, SSD, and light weight makes the MacBook Air very desirable. Almost bought one and I’ve been using 17″ Apple laptops since G4.


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