10 (Actually 12!) Great iPad Games: Black Friday Sale

Thursday, November 25, 2010
By OP Editor

10 great iPad games (some with iPhone support) on sale from $0.99. Includes single player FPS, multiplayer shooters, third person shooters, console-like, adventure, and puzzles games!

10 Great iPad Games on Black Friday Sale

10 Great iPad Games

Some of these iPad games, on sale for as low as $0.99, are up to 90% off! Some has multiplayer support in addition to single player! Get them now!

Yes, there are 12 games. A few are universal iPad, iPhone , and iPod touch compatible.

Splinter Cell Conviction HD

Splinter Cell Conviction iPad

Splinter Cell Conviction HD iPad

Play as Tom Fisher in this third person stealth and action shooter for iPad. [itunes link]

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD

Brothers In Arms WW2 FPS iPad

Medal of Honor inspired WW2 shooter. Single play across different worlds. Multiplayer battles to challenge 5 friends. [itunes link]

Iron Man 2 for iPad

Iron Man 2 iPad console port

Play as Tony Stark’s Iron Man or War Machine in this AUTO-AIM third person shooter. MUCH BETTER main character graphics than the iPhone & iPod touch version! Not much of a challenge but if you are a Iron Man, then you might want to get it. [itunes link]

Shrek Kart HD

Shrek Kart HD iPad racing game

Shrek Kart HD for iPad is the Maria Cart inspired racing game for Apple iOS. There are 4 single player modes: Single Race, Tournament, Challenges and Arena modes. Also play multiplayer races with your friends on Wi-Fi (with up to 6 players) and Bluetooth (2 players)! Play as Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Ogre Triplets, Puss In Boots, Gingy, 3 Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Big Bad Wolf and the Ghost of Lord Farquaad. [itunes link]

Enigmo Deluxe

Enigmo Deluxe iPad puzzle game

Classic physics puzzle game. Has iOS 4, 4.2 Game Center support. Universal game for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. [itunes link] Some think it’s better than Enigmo 2 (see next).

Enigmo 2

Enigmo 2 iPad puzzle game

Newer version of the classic physics puzzle game. Has iOS 4, 4.2 Game Center support. Universal game for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. [itunes link]

Nanosaur 2

Nanosaur 2 flying dinosaur iPad iPhone iPod touch game

Pilot a flying dinosaur from the future that is armed with weapons. Has iOS 4, 4.2 Game Center support. Universal game for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. [itunes link]

Reckless Racing HD

Reckless Racing HD iPad game

Dirt road racing on iPad, 8 tracks (16 if you add the 8 unlockable backward driving), with 3 racing modes. Compete around the world with online multiplayer mode. [itunes link]

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge for iPad

Monkey Island 2 iPad adventure game LeChuck Revenge

Monkey Island is a classic story / puzzle adventure game. Graphic is updated for Apple iPad, and looks amazing compared to original version. [itunes link]

Chopper 2

Chopper 2 iPad console, iPhone iPod touch remote game pad controller

Chopper 2 iPad side scrolling helicopter shooter game

Side scrolling helicopter shooter with optional innovative “console” mode.

Chopper 2 is one of the few iPad game that can make the iPad into a mini-console. Chopper 2 on iPad can be connected to TV, using iPhone or iPod touch as remote game pad controllers. [itunes link]

Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports

Madden NFL 11 EA Sports iPad game

The official Madden NFL 11 is a must for fans of sports games and American Football. [itunes link]

Dino Cap

Dino Cap iPad iPhone dinosaur shooter

Jurassic Park gone wild? Time to lock & load, because prehistoric lizards are tearing the city apart. Grab an UZI, an AK-47 an M-16, a DESERT EAGLE, a ROCKET LAUNCHER, a LASER GUN, a FLAMETHROWER, and there’s moreā€¦ to cap some dinosaur arse. 2 game modes, many weapons. This endless zombie dinosaur shooting fun is an universal iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch game. [itunes link]


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