Cut the Rope: Sweet Physics Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPod, & iPad

Sunday, October 10, 2010
By OP Editor

Do you ever dream of feeding an adorable pet monster some sweet sweet candy? You might, if you play this fun new iPhone and iPad game!

great iPhone physics puzzle game

Video: Cut the Rope

OMG candy on a rope! Om nom nom nom.

A new, fun physics based puzzle game that the secret ninja Steve Jobs will definitely enjoy. You got a new pet that loves candy. Feed it by slicing roped candy, using power ups, and avoiding obstacles, while the candy swings on the rope.

Use multi-touch to slash multiple ropes at once and enjoy the accurate physics and gravity. No frustrating iPhone knockoff or iPad knockoff tablet lag should apply.

Verdict? Cut the Rope is a great pickup-and-play game with beautiful design. Worth the download: $0.99 for iPhone [itunes link], $1.99 for iPad [itunes link] for many hours of gravity obeying fun. This awesome game is going up next to Angry Birds on my iPad and iPhone home screen.


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