Spooky Resemblance: Steve Ballmer Frankenstein Monster

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Microsoft current CEO Steve Ballmer needs no Hollywood makeup to look like the clueless Frankenstein monster.

Steve Ballmer Frankenstein Monster

Here’s a Ballmer Frankenstein monster comparison made by Macenstein:

Steve Ballmer Frankenstein Monster by Macenstein

So which one is Ballmer?

Spooky: Windows Users Persuaded by This Microsoft Ad

Bonus: footage of a younger, but still oafish Steve Baloney Ballmer selling Windows 1.0 for 286 beige PC:

Looks like the same people who fall for used-car-salesman pitch are also easily persuaded to buy Windows. Well, at least it’s better than Vista. Except in Nebraska.

Are you scared or what? Happy Halloween.


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