“Open” Google Android Platform Forces Developers to Give Away Apps

Friday, October 1, 2010
By OP Editor

FAIL. Android is such an open platform, Google forces developers to give their work for free in many countries.

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While Android market place (their attempt at copying Apple’s iOS App Store) is supported in 46 countries, these java developers can only charge for their Apps in a small number of countries.

Android “troubleshooting” article shows that developers cannot charge a single cent in most of the short list of countries that has the Android Market Place.

Google Android Platform Openness

With these arbitrary rules imposed by Google, Android developers don’t even have the option to set their own price for their work in those countries.

Do you think these developers would elect to give away their work for free without Google pressure? “Openness” fail.



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8 Responses to ““Open” Google Android Platform Forces Developers to Give Away Apps”

  1. chris

    Misleading… There is no force in giving your application away. There is a word you ignored. Worst kind of punditry… You can “choose” to give it away in those countries. Or you can ignore them. Ignore them and hope they can become paying countries one day.

    • Maybe force is not the right word, but it’s just another way to say there is no other option.

      Basically, Android is so “open” developers cannot have the “choice” to sell their apps in many of its (limited) markets.

  2. zodiacfever

    more and more countries are being added, and its quite simple.. either make it unavailable in the particular country until the app can be sold, or support ads.

    ohh i forgot, ads are the devils work, and will not make any money, which is why Apple will NEVER copy this feature from google.. ohh wait..

    seems like these companies are stealing from each other, left and right, as it has always been, also for Apple.

  3. In many of the countries developers cannot CHARGE for their Android apps. That means they have no choice but to give it away or not offer it (losing potential revenue either way).

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