Microsoft Releases Bulky Buttons Windows Phone 7

Monday, October 11, 2010
By OP Editor

Is the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 made only for senile people who needs large buttons?

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Bulky Buttons

Behold, Windows Phone 7 has large buttons, just like the Jitterbug phone made for the elderly.

“Great” Design: Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 today, after failing way behind in the smartphone business to Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, and Android phones.

To make WiMP 7 not look like the iPhone too much, Microsoft avoided copying the iPhone icons for Windows 7 Phone. Therefore, icons (um, tiles) are either too big, or too small on the Windows Mobile phone.

How long do you think Windows Phone 7 needs to run defrag to prevent severe lagging?

Well, at least fat Homer Simpson around the world rejoices for the clunky senile seven phone.


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4 Responses to “Microsoft Releases Bulky Buttons Windows Phone 7”

  1. Don

    The new Windows 7 is better than the old, but I’m not sure I like it; not sure others will like it enough to take on either the iPhone or the iPhone rip-off known as Android?

  2. zodiacfever

    instead of being simply icons in a grid, these tiles are updated on the fly with what will likely be very useful information. It is far more interesting then looking and the boring old UI of IOS. time will tell if its acutally useful though.

    and seriously … WiMP?

    You must 14 years old or something. And no, i dont especially care for WP7, but would like to see it do well… remember what happened the last time we laughed at a device for being childish looking and so easy a toddler could use it (or grandparents for that matter)? it for some reason became very popular.

    as far as services tied together, and a fresh, simple UI, microsoft just out-appled Apple.. by alot

    • Just like Windows, when everything is competing for your attention, everything gets glossed over. Btw personal insults are not going to get you anywhere.


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