iTunes 10 Mod: How to Remove Ping Drop-Down Menu

Friday, October 1, 2010
By OP Editor

How to remove iTunes 10.0.1 Ping drop-down menu? Here’s an easy way, if you got a Mac.

Remove iTunes 10 Ping Drop-Down Menu

The iTunes 10.0.1 update adds Ping drop down to all the songs in your library. But what if you don’t want it?

Remove iTunes 10 Ping Drop-Down Menu

iTunes Ping has two components, the Ping sidebar and the drop-down menu. The Ping sidebar can be removed with a click, but the drop-down menu needs a quick trip to the Mac OS terminal:

  1. Quit iTunes. Open Terminal (Mac only).
  2. Copy this line (in one line), and hit enter: defaults write hide-ping-dropdown -bool TRUE
  3. You might need to authenticate. When you open iTunes 10.0.1, the Ping drop-down menu will be gone.

Repeat the command with FALSE instead of TRUE at the end, if you want to bring it back.

via cultofmac

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