I Mac Therefore I Am

Friday, October 1, 2010
By OP Editor

iMac self portrait inspired by the famous “drawing hands” illusion of M. C. Escher?

I Mac iMac, Therefore I Am

I Mac Therefore I Am

The optical illusion, by Dave McNally Photography, uses iMac running Mac OS X and Photoshop instead of pencil.

iMac Beer Trap: Tron Legacy Homage

Here’s a new version of Dave McNally’s self portrait. Beer out of reach… Needs escape key. Did Steve Jobs banished iPhone 4 engineer Gary Powell to iMac cyberspace, Tron style?

iMac Beer Trap, Tron Legacy Homage

By Dave McNally Photography and beer image

via weloveapple that points to flickr d200shooter but not the exact image. ObamaPacman.com found the original article link for you though. =)


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