Chinese Company Pirates Steve Jobs + Apple Keynote

Friday, October 15, 2010
By OP Editor

Chinese company pirates Steve Jobs appearance and keynote.

Steve Jobs Cloned by Hong Kong MTR

Video: Chinese Company Pirates Steve Jobs

Companies from Microsoft to Chinese knockoff makers all tries to copy Apple’s innovative products. This week, Hong Kong’s MTR (metro rail / subway company) copies Apple’s famous CEO to promote their iPhone and iPad app:

The Chinese fake Steve Jobs clone wore black turtleneck and jeans in their media event that looks suspiciously like an Apple Keynote. It has the stage set up, the water bottles, Apple Keynote presentation software, and even the famous “One More Thing” surprise. Is it close to the iPhone 4 and iPad keynote or what?

At least HTR has good taste. They know not to copy the consistently failure presentations of the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer:

Let’s hope that their iPhone and iPad app is not a knockoff.

via gizmodo


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2 Responses to “Chinese Company Pirates Steve Jobs + Apple Keynote”

  1. Don

    Those crafty Chinese, they’ll copy anything, and I mean anything. Now, I suppose, if they really could copy or clone Steve, they probably could end up taking over the world!


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