Video: New Apple iPod touch + Multitouch Nano TV Ads

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
By OP Editor

It’s not exactly double rainbow but Apple just releases double iPod videos!

720p hd video recording, iPod touch 4g 2010 Apple TV Ad

Video: iPod touch 4G TV Ad

Apple new 2010 iPod touch 4G ad: “All kinds of fun” with song: Chappo’s Come Home [itunes link]

2010 iPod touch has a video cam with 720P HD recording, front-facing camera, and access to lots of games. This iPod is expected to maintain its position as the king of portable-game-player.

Video: iPod nano 6G multi-touch TV Ad

Apple new 2010 iPod nano 6G ad: “Travel” with song: Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket [itunes link]

The new iPod nano comes with built-in clips, definitely “a new way to nano.”


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One Response to “Video: New Apple iPod touch + Multitouch Nano TV Ads”

  1. Don

    My only disappointment with the new iPods, as I wrote on my little blog, was the Nano’s lose of its built in video camera. That’s a bummer as far as I’m concerned.


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