Saudi Arabia King’s Tablet: iPad 3G

Monday, September 6, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple iPad 3G: the tablet fit for a king. In this case King Abdulah.

Saudi Arabia King Abdulah iPad tablet

Mac user Saudi Arabia King Abdulah also uses Apple’s iPad! Do you think the Saudi king is running the country on the Apple tablet?

Saudi Arabia King Abdulah works on Apple iPad tablet

The Saudi King joins growing number of leadership that uses the Apple tablet, including Norway Prime Minister and New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Do you think he’s planning to get an iWatch?

via 9to5


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2 Responses to “Saudi Arabia King’s Tablet: iPad 3G”

  1. Don

    Nice to see his majesty using the iPad and the MacBook. I’m sure he is one person at least who doesn’t have to worry about network charges


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