Review: HP Slate iPad Knockoff Runs “Fast”

Friday, September 24, 2010
By OP Editor

Video review of the “fast” HP Slate Microsoft Windows 7 tablet. Hint: it’s actually slow, on the sluggish side. Not an iPad competitor.

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Video Review: HP Slate with Windows 7 is “Fast”

The HP iPad knockoff tablet seems slightly better than the AirPhone iPhone 4 knockoff, but still not close to the real iPad:

The blind reviewer (shill?) calls the HP Slate “responsive” and “fast.” For real? Is he smoking smack? The thing doesn’t even scroll smoothly. As he shows, it’s more like a struggle to use the slow HP Slate.

The chunky HP Slate is basically something similar to a thickness of a laptop or netbook without a keyboard. Not in the same class as the thin Apple iPad.

Dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Delete Key!

As mentioned at the 0:57 mark, the HP Slate Windows 7 tablet comes with a dedicated Ctrl-Alt-Delete key! Maybe HP anticipates frequent crashes / BSOD with this Windows tablet?

HP Windows Slate = Sluggish Slow?

Judging from the video, perhaps the “S” in HP Slate stands for Seriously Slacking Shoddy Substandard Sluggish Slow Snail Streak?

(Yes, we suck at pulling a V for Vendetta).

Congrats to the slow effort of the HP Slate / Microsoft Dilbert Committee at making a usable iPad knockoff. Go ahead, Make Windows 7 up yours. As expected, their iPad knockoff will be released around when Apple releases the second generation iPad.

PS. Do you think the need to run antivirus would make the HP Slate even slower?


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