No Contract / Unlocked iPhone in High Demand

Saturday, September 25, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple Stores in UK sold out of no contract iPhone every morning before opening, due to these long lines:

No Contract / Unlocked iPhone Line in UK

iPhone 4 Odyssey? UK has it.

iPhone 4 UK queue, hundreds line up every day

Apple Store in UK and other select countries sell contract-free iPhone that work with any sim card from carriers around the world. That results in extra demand for these officially unlocked iPhone 4, even at the no contract price of £499 and £599.

Hundreds line up for iPhone 4 in the early morning outside of UK Apple Stores every day. London DailyMail describes the lines are mostly formed by “professional gangs of traders” who sell the no contract / unlocked Apple iPhone abroad.

The iPhone brokers pay their UK runners a commission of £70 for every phone they buy. Then they sell these iPhones to customers overseas, often for twice as much as they paid.

Long Apple No Contract iPhone Lines

Lines are often cut off hours before official store opening. In a recent day, the queue for iPhone 4 at London’s Apple Store Covent Garden is stopped at 6:50am.

Many stores open earlier than the advertised 9AM to handle the long lines. The problem is, ordinary customers who arrive at 9AM are told iPhone are sold out for the day. Some people get there five times only to hear there are no more phones. The only options for those who want an iPhone 4 are to get in line early in the morning / overnight, or order online with current delivery backlog of 3 weeks wait.

Apple can’t make enough of the wildly popular iPhone 4 to keep up with the exponential demand growth compounded by having the largest and most popular mobile App Store. Due to the scarcity of the Apple smart phone, people in Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, India, and China can pay over $1000 for an unlocked iPhone 4.

dailymail via cultofmac


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