Museum Graphic Design Fail: “No Apple”

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
By OP Editor

Worst museum ever. We didn’t know Bill Gates has a museum at his $150 million dollar house.

Museum Poster Fail: Apple Corporate Logo Theft

Is this a Museum run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which banned Apple products from his house? Probably not.

Museum Graphic Design Fail, no Apple

A nameless museum uses Apple’s logo as part of their poster / signage.

Obviously this museum either uses Apple logo in everything, has Apple hate, or has no clue that they are using the corporate logo of a famous Cupertino technology company in their failed poster / signage.

Food for thought. Instead of no Apple, do you think the museum poster meant no eating and no smoking?

via macenstein


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2 Responses to “Museum Graphic Design Fail: “No Apple””

  1. Don

    I think they mean no eating period, but I also think it’s rather strange that they use a corporate logo to get their message across.


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