Microsoft Dreams Windows Phone 7 Zombies Will Bury iPhone & BlackBerry

Sunday, September 12, 2010
By OP Editor

Microsoft hosted a garish parade calling all Windows Zombies to bury the industry-leading iPhone and BlackBerry.

Microsoft Dreams Windows Phone 7 Zombies Will Bury Apple iPhone, Android, parade

Microsoft Phone Dreams

Microsoft imagination gone wild!

In the latest blatant demonstration of how out-of-touch the Redmond company is, Microsoft parades the hope that the not-yet-released Windows 7 Phone will bury iPhone and Blackberry phones. Best of all? These photos are taken by a non-Microsoft Android phone.

So this is what the Microsoft Dilbert committee looks like! Windows 7 Phone is not available for sale yet, three years after Apple released the 2007 iPhone, and they think it can bury the industry-leading devices?

Microsoft: Windows Users Are Zombies

A major thing that stands out about Microsoft’s WiMP 7 parade is the huge number of Windows Zombies lead by the late Michael Jackson. There are also vampires in sight. Does it mean that Microsoft is out to suck your blood?

Microsoft WiMP 7 parade with michael jackson, braineless windows zombies, vampires

Fat Darth Vader: Evil Empire Mascot

A fat Darth Vader: mascot of the Microsoft evil empire? Is this MS CEO Steve Ballmer in costume?

Fat Darth Vader, Microsoft evil empire mascot

Microsoft Advertises WiMP 7 Atrocious Design

Redmond demonstrates that Windows Phone 7 will have atrocious design (made with fugly colors and clip art):

Designed with fugly colors, Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Windows 7 Phone Service Overhaul

Microsoft shows a car after the amazing Windows 7 Phone “service overhaul.” Does it mean WiMP 7 is like a crippled door-less car that requires towing?

Windos 7 Phone Service Overhaul, requires towing

Industry Reality

Have you ever heard of the Microsoft 2010 Kin Phone, Zune, Play for sure, or MSN search? Each is Microsoft’s unsuccessful attempt to copy a successful product. Microsoft’s newest Kin phone was discontinued after 6 weeks on the market. Do you think WiMP 7 will last 7 weeks?

No word on the status of Microsoft’s iPad knock-off.

Photos: by Trioculus on flickr


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4 Responses to “Microsoft Dreams Windows Phone 7 Zombies Will Bury iPhone & BlackBerry”

  1. Don

    Me thinks this will come back to haunt Microsoft much as did Michael Dell’s infamous words that, “Jobs should close the company down and give the money back to the stock holder’s!”

    • Too bad most pc users are too busy sucking on MS toes to recall any of the Microsoft fail quotes.

      That reminds me to try to finish an article I’ve started in February on Bill Gates.

    • zodiacfever

      These “articles” of yours, are so bad it literally hurts, but at the same time is so funny that you just cant stop reading.

      It would be nice though, if at the end of this garbage, you could actually fire up the old lighter and watch it burn.

      i love google, apple and microsoft for giving me so many options, so this not at all a fanboy reaction to your failed attempt at mocking enthusiastic and hardworking microsoft employees.

      i just really hope that i alone cover 50% of the hits your website gets. I would hate for anyone without “fanboy filters” to stumble upon this website and take things too literal. You might actually influence them.

  2. Thanks for the comment. ROTF. Glad to keep you badly entertained with the Microsoft garbage article. Wait, I think that came out wrong.

    I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m really really bad… Damnit get that Michael Jackson song out of my head…

    Yes it’s satire. Do I need to include more smileys? Wink wink?

    And no, you are not alone. Out of over-100-million blogs in the world, this blog is currently ranked in the top 100,000 in the US, and in the top 200,000 in the world. Translation: readership is growing rapidly, and there are plenty of visitors.

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