How to: Change iTunes 10 Icon

Monday, September 6, 2010
By OP Editor

Think the new iTunes icon is ugly? Easy DIY 10 second instructions to change the iTunes 10 icon.

iTunes 10 icon, how to change

DIY Instructions: How to Change the iTunes 10 Icon

How to change the iTunes 10 icon on a Mac? We’ve tested this to work on a MBP and iMac but your mileage may vary. First, back up, because this comes with no warranty.

1. Quit iTunes. Command+click on icon to show its location.

2. Right click to “Select Package Contents”

3. Find “iTunes.icns” and replace it with your icon in .icns format (not jpg or png).

Note: the iTunes 10 icon in your applications folder should change. You might have to remove the App from the dock and add it again, if your dock icon doesn’t change.

iTunes 10 Icon Alternatives

Looking for better iTunes 10 icons? has a few icon alternatives for you.

iTunes 9.2.1 icon

old iTunes 9.2.1 icon small

Get the old iTunes 9.2.1 icon by using step 1 and 2 above to extract the icon from your old app. And if you already installed iTunes 10, then you can grab the old aqua / cd icon from us.

OP mirror download.

iTunes 10 icon, iOS Style

iTunes 10 icon iPhone iPad iOS inspired

Ryan James made this iOS iTunes app inspired iTunes 10 icon, after the official Apple app from the iPhone 4 / iPad:

Official Apple iTunes 10 icon, iPhone 4

The file contains the icon in different image formats: 512 pixel, .psd, .png, .hqx (Finder ready), .icns, and .ico. Download from:

OP Mirror here
or from Ryan James (via macenstein)

iTunes 10 icon, web 2.0 style

iTunes 10 better icon

Chris Carlozzi made this iTunes inspired icon with iPod icon and Mac OS elements. Note that this is not a ready-to-use .icns file.

The size is smaller than other icons in dock, and it needs some gradients fixed to look good in the dock. Check back here in a few days for an OP-optimized version and a guide on how to make your own icon file.

check back for new article from ObamaPacman.

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  1. Can’t you simply use CandyBar or the old GetInfo, Copy and Paste in the upper left to change the icon?


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