How to Add Color Icons to iTunes 10 Sidebar

Thursday, September 2, 2010
By OP Editor

Quick 10-second iTunes 10 gray to colorful icons hack.

iTunes 10 gray sidebard to colorful icons

Fight the drab grey icon sidebar! Apple iTunes 10 hacked to display color icons!

iTunes 10 Sidebar Gray to Color

Some people might like the new gray iTunes 10, but others like the classic iTunes 9.2.1 colored icons better. So, what to do if you want to add colors back to iTunes 10?

Essentially, you are replacing a file inside of Mac OS X iTunes with a modded color resource file. Instructions after the disclaimer.


OP has tested this to work on a MBP and iMac on Snow Leopard, but your mileage may vary.

This hack comes with No Guarantees. Thus, you should backup your iTunes Library files before attempting this iTunes 10 hack. Use your Apple Time Machine in the however unlikely case that this color icon mod will eat your media library, apps, or your homework. Translation: we are not responsible if somehow this simple mod messes up anything on your end.

iTunes 10.2.2 Compatible Mod

Updated, 2011 April: Better, updated version by Shaun R from Melbourne, Australia

  • Small and large color side bar icons!
  • Horizontal Traffic lights
  • iTunes 10 icon changed with iTunes 9 icon
  • Old media controls
  • Old media usage meter
  • and more

Here are the iTunes 10 Color Sidebar mod downloads, three different options:

  • Everything (color sidebars, traffic lights, icon changes) iTunes 10.3.1 support as of June 22, 2011
  • Color Sidebar (changes nothing else but side bar) iTunes 10.2.2 only
  • iTunes 9 Emulator (Looks like iTunes 9) iTunes 10.2.2 only

If those links don’t work go for the newest links at this forum thread.

You are reading ' iTunes 10 Tips ' read more from this series:

OLD, OUTDATED INFO below for 10.0.0, 10.0.1.

How to Change iTunes 10 Icon Colors (from Gray)

1. Quit iTunes
2. Command+click iTunes Application icon to show it in Finder
3. Download the iTunes.rsrc file and follow two more steps

Download itunes10colors

The iTunes 10 color sidebar hack, is 11.7MB
works on Intel Mac, Snow Leopard, Leopard (might work on PPC on Leopard?)
iTunes version 10.0.0, 10.0.1 with small icons

  • Download it from OP Mirror
  • Or from its enigmatic creator’s website: Drien (note his server can’t handle the bandwidth load, so feel free to bookmark and download it from our mirror above)

Compatibility: iTunes 10, 10.0.1, and 10.1

Works with iTunes 10.0, 10.0.1, and 10.1 Update:

  • Removes the Ping Drop down
  • Mac OS X auto-update still detects iTunes, in contrary to comment 22

Known issue:
- Firewall problems due to reasons explained in comment 22.
- Minor playlist graphics issue under iTunes 10.1 (and 10.6.5?)

Verdict? It’s an awesome addition to iTunes 10. Love it. Unfortunately Windows iTunes 10 doesn’t seem to have a iTunes.rsrc file that OP can find, but someone might find a way.

PS. Steve Jobs, we’re sorry for defiling iTunes 10 (or not). Please don’t make us add double rainbow to iTunes! Oh, and check out the white iPhone 4 rainbow skin “mod” that you can order.

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67 Responses to “How to Add Color Icons to iTunes 10 Sidebar”

  1. chrism

    Works for me! G5 10.5.8

  2. Rob Usdin

    Anyone got something similar for the PC version?


  3. julz.

    ah! thankyou so much. :)

  4. Thanks for this! iTunes 10 boring grey icons annoy me as I scan over and over trying to find what I’m looking for. Whassup with that Apple? Gimme colors back :)

  5. =) Thanks for visiting! Don’t forget to check out the site, subscribe, and maybe order a WHITE iPhone 4 rainbow mod!

  6. 2-bit

    I find that the hack only works if you have your “Source text” preference set to small. I prefer the large text, but it’s better than nothing.

  7. Ecce

    This saved my day. Works on 10.6.4.

  8. Everyone should let Apple know if you want colored icons again

  9. Folks, there will another iTunes 10 mod article this weekend… Hope to see you back here soon!

    EDIT: how to change App icon guide:
    More coming…

  10. yay! senses working overtime, again!

    (10.5.8 PPC G5)

  11. moshu

    Interesting to note that the colors came back, as did the button orientation, but… the general appearance remains grey. That is to say, in a normal application window the RYG buttons are that color all the time. In iTunes 10, even after the update, they remain grey until I float the cursor over them.

  12. jgr627

    forget about these colors, for some reason in this new update they changed the ability to edit playlist from the remote app great for itunes DJ and just a great feature overall does anybody have any idea how to fix this through a script or anything please help

  13. Djinn

    Worked great on Snow Leo 10.6.4.. Thanks again!

  14. Digi Dave

    Thanks for this, worked great. Just one thing, do you know a fix to get the iPhone 4 icon back in color when I connect it to iTunes 10? Cheers.
    (10.5.8 iMac)

  15. Mattelfesso

    Doesn’t do anything for me. (Snow Leopard 10.6.4, iTunes 10.0 (67))

  16. Stephanie

    thank you!!

  17. noname

    Anyone got something similar for the PC version???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mac user

    if you use this, or even if you don’t but do not like the new icons, Please send feedback to Apple too!

  19. Adazzz

    worked for me :)

    10.5.8 intel

  20. Regretful Jobs

    Could not help to APPRECIATE you very very very much. I am so regretful to hurt my uses feelings on the icons. When I release my next iTuuuunes, I will change my icons again. I am sorry for the world! This new hack helped me to see the icons on my iMAC in great colors. Apple’s sexy look is back. Hail to the Hacker!

  21. Works great for the latest Macbook Pro 15inch! Thank you so much for publishing this!

  22. Bug

    Doesn’t this break code signing?

    Can someone who changed iTunes try pasting this in the terminal and posting the output?;

    codesign –verify -vv /Applications/

    • Doesn’t code signing only matters for iPhone Apps?

    • Bug

      I just asked a friend who forwarded me this link, who did modify iTunes, to try running that in the terminal. It does break code signing, and the only thing I think that causes to fail is the automatic firewall rules.

      This is the result:

      /Applications/ a sealed resource is missing or invalid
      /Applications/ resource added
      /Applications/ resource added
      /Applications/ resource modified

    • Thanks. I don’t have any problems. No problem with App Store either.

      I am sure people will hear about the next iTunes update even if the update may or may not see iTunes 10.0.

  23. Ole

    Would LOVE for this to also work for the “Large” text option. I have large screen and not the best eyesight so this would improve readability for me.

    • I’ve talked to its creator, but he said he doesn’t use the large icons.

      Those who want large icons probably have to do it yourselves. Check back for a DIY guide.

  24. I am running 10.6.4 on a mid ‘07 iMac and this ran fine under iTunes 10.0.0 with any problems, but under 10.0.1 it causes the ping pull down menu next to each song to disappear. I will wait for an update to this or when Apple gains its sanity back in this regard. If you don’t mind the pull down menu going away then it works fine.

  25. Groove

    After replacing this file, is anyone getting asked about allowing incoming connections for

  26. Oz

    Thanks a bunch!

    Note: You have to have the Source Text (Preferences->General) as small, not large for this to work.

  27. The breaking part where you have to keep giving permission for iTunes to go through the firewall is a pain. I am at that age where I need bigger icons and screen to see what I am doing. If the these and the bug with the ping pull down disappearing then I will load it up again. Until then I will write to Apple for them to put color in the icons again.

  28. Seppi

    Works perfect
    Mac Mini Intel, 10.5.8

  29. BMWTwisty

    I tried this and followed the instructions exactly. I’ve modified rsrc files before so I know what I’m doing. The bad news for me is that after I installed the new rsrc the iTunes background turned black. When I re-installed the original rsrc file it was still black. I re-installed iTunes (10.0.1) and the background stayed black. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Are you sure you followed the instructions?

      You DO NOT Modify this rsrc file. In addition, what you described is not resulted from doing this.

  30. Eddie

    Works like a dream ! ^^

  31. Lorenzo

    When itunes stores loads up, the icon’s are not displayed. Just plain boxes. Request help.



  32. kodiacc

    i got this error on 10.1. could you please fix this?

  33. Claod

    Here there is a way

    You must re-sign the application !

    Create certificate like them
    make it valid export the certificate like .cer in your desktop
    rename in .crt
    and put it in this folder (create it if it’s not here)


    name your certificate A
    export it like A.cer
    rename A.crt
    put it in/etc/certificate
    so the way is /etc/certificates/A.crt now

    type in the : codesign -f -s A /etc/certificates/A.crt /Applications/ (or another)

    let’s finish

    Hop your App is signed
    Start the application … crap … this message again ! Yes but juste once ! ^^

    So now I have everything working find !

    Hope It helps ++

  34. Tom

    Worked great except when I play a song it only displays half of the little speaker.

    anyone else have this problem?

    Thanks for the hack though. I\’ll deal with it.

  35. ludo

    I followed all of this, and thank you to the person who posted this in the first place.

    However although it did all what was in this post, I did not like it because i had a slight icon bug when playing a song, and it did not look good. (current play song should have had the little usual speaker, but in my case it was a half speaker, half an other icon…)

    After a lot of research i found a better .RSRC file which made that bug disappear as well as the possibility to switch font sizes in “list text” and “source text” back and forth from the iTunes preferences… with no impact, it works superbly= :-)

    Thanks to this iTunes looks exactly the same as itunes 9 colour-wise. Perfect. Here is the link for those who want to check it out:

  36. Chris H

    It works well except that the show/hide artwork button disappears from the bottom of the window (next to the shuffle & loop buttons). I use this a lot and there’s no other way of showing & hiding the artwork pane, so I’m going to have to revert to the grey icons. Boo,

  37. Chris

    Worked for me! Awesome patch. OS X 10.6.7

  38. deezee

    This works great for me, but I no longer get an eject button next to any connected iPods or iPhone. I can control click next to the device to get an eject option, but any thoughts on how to get the button back?

    • deezee, Can you do keyboard shortcut Command+E when it’s selected? iPhone don’t really need to be ejected anymore. Just make sure they are not syncing.

  39. deezee

    Indeed I can do Command+E. Nice solution. Any idea why the button is gone, though? I still have to eject my old iPods, right?

    • @deezee, Great to hear that. No idea why it’s doing that. Maybe the reference to the graphic changed in the iTunes version you have.

  40. deezee

    I’m at the newest 10.3.1, but it was doing this at the last 10.2 version, too. Regardless, I like having the colors!

  41. amy

    Um I have iTunes 10.4 and this doesn’t work for me even after deleting the old rsrc file completely, restarting the computer and setting the Source Text to small. My icons are still lifeless! I’ve got a Mac Book, Mac OS X 10.6.8. Help?

    • amy

      IT WORKED! But the icons and the volume bar are all screwy and glitchy! This is terrible. Can anyone give me a download of the original rsrc file? I need it back haha

    • Hi Amy,

      If you didn’t backup the original files, you could download the latest iTunes from Apple:

      Perhaps check back later for possible update to the theme. The theme maker probably did not have developer access to iTunes 10.4 or 10.5 to update.

  42. i hate gray

    works like a charm with iTunes 10.4 on a early 2011 MBP running 10.6.8



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