Apple Releases New Multitouch iPod Nano 6G

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the 2010 multitouch iPod nano.

Steve Jobs releases iPod nano with multi-touch

Steve Jobs shows off the progression of the iPod nano and the 2010 iPod nano 6g. The new iPod nano is multi-touch, smaller, lighter, with 24 hour audio playback!

There is no home button, but hold down any place on the display to go to home screen

Multitouch iPod iWatch?

Steve Jobs said: “one of our board of directors is going to click onto an armband.” So All you need to make a multi-touch iPod iWatch is an armband!

iPod nano 6g 2010 colors

The new iPod nano comes in multiple colors, including a Product RED version. The price of the 2010 iPod nano 6g is $149 8GB and $179 16GB.

No word on when Apple will introduce the iPod-inviso.


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One Response to “Apple Releases New Multitouch iPod Nano 6G”

  1. whizkid515

    As cool as this is, they should have just made this the shuffle (even though it’s a bit pricey for a shuffle), and kept the previous nano with maybe an updated camera (for high-res still shots) and a storage size bump. This seems more suited to be a watch than a full-fledged music player.


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