Apple iPod Ninja: Cutting-Edge Technology

Monday, September 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Leaked: Steve Jobs ninja stars are just Apple iPod prototypes!

Apple iPod Ninja, Cutting-Edge Technology

Apple iPod Ninja: Cutting-Edge Technology Prototype

Remember those ninja throwing stars that Apple CEO Steve Jobs supposedly carried in his carry on luggage in Japan? The Apple CEO might not be a secret ninja after all. The Steve Jobs ninja stars are actually new iPod prototypes, Scoopertino reports:

“Today Apple announced the ‘dangerously cool’ iPod ninja, the last of the new 2010 iPod family. This razor-thin iPod combines the fun of entertainment with the thrill of lethal weaponry.”

The iPod ninja comes in five sharp colors. It also doesn’t need a clip, because the iPod ninja slices neatly into any article of clothing.

Apple iPod ninja stars, dangerously cool

Do you think there will be a death grip problem with the new iPod ninja?

scoopertino via cultofmac


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