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Wednesday, September 8, 2010
By OP Editor

In possible preparation for release of new iPhone & iPod touch firmware today, Apple resets the Game Center user accounts yesterday.

Apple Game Center, iOS 4.1 iPhone iPod touch

Due to the account reset, developers should sign up for their Game Center account again to claim their official usernames.

Game Center is Apple’s gaming service focused on social gaming. You can play multi-player games with or against your friends. There are leader-boards and achievements to see who’s elite. Taunt your friends to join a game or auto-match with friends or other players.

How to sign up for Apple iOS Game Center

Before now, iOS Game Center was working in sandbox test mode for developers. Now developers can register a permanent account. iOS gamers, wondering how to create a Game Center account to secure your user name?

Apply the iOS 4.1 firmware update for iPhone and iPod touch, which is expected to be released today.

Game Center iOS 4.1 App

Game Center is an app on 4.1. Open the app, fill out your info, then:

- Use your existing Apple ID email and password or
- Create a new account

After that’s done, you can pick your user name. If your desired user name is not available, it’ll let you know. Get some of the Game Center supported games below.

Sign Up for a Game Center Account Without iOS 4.1

You can sign up with the iPod touch 4G display at the Apple Store, or on a friend’s iOS 4.1 device. You can create, sign in, and sign out of your Game Center account easily on different devices.

Note: If your iOS devices are jailbroken or unlocked, then don’t update to 4.1 until a JB method is confirmed and tested in our iOS Guides.

What about iPad Game Center support? It is coming with the iOS 4.2 update.

Apple iOS Game Center Supported Games

*Online Multiplayer

Not all Game Center features are in all supported games. Some of the games only have achievements or multiplayer. (via)

Apple iOS Game Center Supported Devices

Apple Game Center is compatible with these iOS devices:

iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
iPod touch 4th generation (4G, v4)
iPod touch 3rd generation (3G, v3)
iPod touch 2nd generation (2G, v2)

iOS firmware 4.1 is required, so people with jailbreak / unlock should not update.


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24 Responses to “Apple iOS Game Center Account Sign Up + Supported Games”

  1. How can I make an account?

  2. How can I make an egg?

  3. Nynja

    When I try to make an account I confirm my “country or region”, hit next, add my birthday and stuff, hit next, and then it just goes back to “country or region” and I cannot progress, theres no error messages or anything. What do I do?

  4. nutteynona

    how can i make a new account this website dont tell you.please please please write back

    • How to sign up to Game Center:

      1. Open Game Center App on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
      2. If you don’t see a “create new account” button, log out.
      3. Click “Create New Account.”

      You can also use iTunes account to “Sign in.”

  5. MattsterRune

    After I type in the Apple ID and click sign up. It tells me to put in my country or region, I put that in and then I put in my birthday. After I click next, it tells me to put my country or region in again, and then my birthday. It keeps going in a loop. How do you fix this?

  6. Jack

    Never gonna

  7. senad


  8. Andrew

    I have done everything to sign up then it tells meto go to my email I do that but everytime I try to get mail it says that the username or password for is incorrect and i have given up hope here just play free games.

    • How is an email address? It’s not. That doesn’t even fit the fake email address you filled out.

      “Just play free games” is completely unrelated.

      Game Center works with numerous paid and free games on App Store.

  9. rajay

    hi…. every one.

    I use gamecenter in my game. when i submit score its upadated only once in gamecenter leaderboard. if i try same log in id for submitting score its not updated fine. what i do…..?


  10. Al-thani

    I forgot my child game center password. How can I rest them?

  11. Mike

    I was wondering if anyone can help me regarding the Game Center App.

    When I open it to the Welcome Screen, I have the option to sign in with my Apple ID or create a new account. Since I have an Apple ID, I select “Sign In”. I’m brought to the “Create Profile” screen and I receive a “pop up” that says:

    “The Apple ID has not yet been used in Game Center. Tap Continue to set up your account”
    (which I then proceed to do).

    It then asks me to review my Apple ID info: first location, then I hit “Next”, then my DOB shows up and I hit “Next” again. That’s where the problem occurs. It returns me in an endless loop to the location screen again and displays the “pop up” again
    “The Apple ID has not yet been used in Game Center. Tap Continue to set up your account”

    can someone help?


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