AirPhone 4 (iPhone 4 Knockoff) Video Review

Friday, September 24, 2010
By OP Editor

This is why you should not buy knockoff electronics, especially one that tries to copy the Apple iPhone 4.

AirPhone 4, fake iPhone 4 Knockoff, Video Review

AirPhone / HiPhone: Fake iPhone 4 Review

If you got some time to kill, check out the long 29 minute video review of the fake iPhone 4 knockoff from China called “AirPhone 4″:

The fake iPhone sold as Air Phone 4 or Hi Phone 4 has a removable battery, dual sim card slots, stylus, and music installed. It seems to have more features than the iPhone 4 on paper. It runs Java applications, just like Android.

Doesn’t it mean the knockoff is better? MicroSheep and FanDroids, with motto: but it sort of looks like Apple products, think so.

Summary: iPhone 4 Knockoff is Rubbish

Airphone 4 Knockoff vs. iPhone 4 box

Box back, AirPhone fake iPhone 4 Review

For those who don’t understand features on paper do not equal usability, here’s a summary. The AirPhone iPhone 4 knockoff is rubbish:

“It’s Phone! It’s Air! It’s 4! Well, actually it’s barely a phone, let alone the other two things.”

Not all touch screens are the same. Even multi-billion dollar companies can’t get it right, as demonstrated in this touch screen test. So, would counterfeit makers, the same people who make faux-metal-coated plastic Rolex knockoffs, get it right?

It might look superficially similar enough to fool simpletons, but the iPhone knockoff doesn’t work the same.

[via "SuffocationPhone 4", ashens]

Fake / Counterfeit iPhone 4 Alert

These knockoffs already come with iPhone 4 box art, but some versions of this phone even comes in a box with Apple iPhone 4 name on it. Beware of scammers trying to sell these fake phones as iPhone 4 on Craigslist or other websites.


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