Steve Jobs Wins Right to Demolish Jackling House

Thursday, August 19, 2010
By OP Editor

After decades, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is finally allowed to demolish the Jackling House which he owned since 1984.

Steve Jobs Jackling Mansion

“Preservationists” with nothing better to do finally dropped their lawsuit to preserve the house, allowing Apple CEO to raze the old building on his property and replace it with something smaller, modern, and efficient.

Do you think Jonathan Ive would design an Apple iHouse in its place?

Steve Jobs Apple iHouse

Something like the iconic New York City Fifth Avenue Apple Store. Or would the new house for Apple CEO will have no Windows? Perhaps use magical materials such as transparent aluminum or newly acquired liquid-metal glass pane substitute?

Apple Store New York City Fifth Avenue

iPhone “iSplode” App?

Do you think Steve Jobs would personally detonate Jackling House with iPhone app “iSplode”?

Steve Jobs to personally deonate Jackling House

Humor aside, note that for years, Steve Jobs offered the house for $1 if the buyer pays for house relocation. But there were no serious takers. The faux preservationists talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

almanacnews via giz
iExplode “app” concept scoopertino


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One Response to “Steve Jobs Wins Right to Demolish Jackling House”

  1. TL

    Faux preservationists with nothing better to do? Any building that’s close to 100 years old deserves a second look. Many structures are torn down and in hindsight it’s obviously a mistake. I visited two historic homes in my city today, and they are 3-D historic snapshots of another place and time. Jobs certainly has the money to restore this property and hire maintenance staff. But I guess this house is just like him and everyone else–gotta go sometime.


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