Scientific Proof: iPhone Users Screwed, Has More Sex!

Sunday, August 15, 2010
By OP Editor

iPhone users are getting screwed pretty often, but not by Apple. Study found the Apple smartphone is RAISING THE BAR, for SexyTime.

Apple iPhone Users Screwed

Apple iPhone Raising Bar, for SexyTime

Involving half a million photos and 11.4 million opinions, an OKCupid study of “unprecedented look into human behavior” discovered that iPhone users are getting screwed more often, but not by Apple.

Out of iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android, Android users are least likely to participate in SexyTime while iPhone user are the most likely to get it on.

iPhone Blackberry Android sexytime

Unattractive Android, Windows Mobile Users

The study also discovered that Apple iPhone is the only current smartphone with an above-average score when it comes to photo attractiveness.

Photo Attractiveness by point and shoot, smartphone cameras

Users attractiveness of Palm Pre / Pixi, Samsung, LG, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows, and Motorola phone are all below average. Even year old legacy danger sidekick phones rank better.


Surprise! Microsoft Windows phone users rank really low on the attractiveness chart. Android kludge phones wasn’t much better either. Do you think those users are fugly, socially clueless, or their phone choice make them undesirable.

The moral of the story is, if you don’t like human companionship , go get a phone with “good” specs that don’t product attractive photos. If you want a date, get an iPhone.

Okcupid study
First photo macenstein


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2 Responses to “Scientific Proof: iPhone Users Screwed, Has More Sex!”

  1. Don

    Interesting…. very, very interesting!

    • The question is, do you get a dream within a dream when you use an iPhone, to take photo of another iPhone taking a photo?

      Would it achieve iNception?


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