Russian Apple Store Display Fail

Friday, August 20, 2010
By OP Editor

Displaying merchandise, you’re doing it wrong! Russian Apple Store taunts users to “please touch” this MacBook Pro.

Russian Apple Store Display Fail

Russian Apple Store Display Fail

Why is this a design fail? Here are the Russian writings on that display, and translation:

Russian Apple Store display:
Пожалуйста, потрогайте.
Новое поколение компьютеров Mac по самой низкой цене – загляните к нам и попробуйте их в действии.

English Translation:
Please touch.
A new generation of Mac computers at the lowest price – come visit and try them in action.

Now look at the case. How can you touch that Mac?

So much for customers trying out the Apple computer with multi-touch trackpad when it’s behind that thick case. What is it, an inch of bulletproof glass or something? Yes, it’s more a Re:Store reseller fail rather than Apple Store fail, but those customers must be thinking WTF by the expression on their faces.

via artlebedev

Tipped by Maria, who doesn’t design it wrong but uses sharks with fricken laser beams to guard her MacBook Pro.


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2 Responses to “Russian Apple Store Display Fail”

  1. Don

    Obviously, Apple users ‘Think Differently’, but when it comes to Russian users it’s apparent that they also ‘Touch Differently’!


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