Microsoft Squirted Another Apple Copy, Late Again with PC vs. Mac

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
By OP Editor

The Redmond company keeps riding Apple coattails. Microsoft photocopiers just finished copying Apple Mac vs. Pc campaign, years too late.

Microsoft Squirted Another Apple Copy, Late Again with PC vs. Mac

Apple Get a Mac (Mac vs. PC) Campaign

After the popular iPod silhouette commercials, Apple turned to an equally popular “Get a Mac” campaign. The Get a Mac campaign, along with new Macs’s capability to multi-boot into Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, helped Apple capture the top tier of personal computer users.

Apple has currently switched its focus to iPhone and the new iPad tablet, which Apple is expecting to be the future of computing, and has discontinued the Mac vs. PC campaign in 2009.

Apple has since moved on to Why you’ll love a Mac campaign.

Microsoft PC vs. Mac

4 years after the launch of Apple’s popular Mac vs. PC campaign, Microsoft Dilbert Committee reveals its own knockoff “PC vs. Mac” section on its Windows 7 website.

It’s Microsoft, so they used generic-looking photos that looks like stock photos. At least they didn’t photoshop it wrong this time.

Microsoft: Perfect PC is Mac?

Microsoft find your perfect PC includes a Apple MacBook Pro? Here’s the Redmond “Perfect PC” graphic:

Microsoft Apple MacBook Pro PC copy

Here’s the ongoing MacBook Pro graphic featured on the Apple website:

Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft PC vs. Mac inspiration

Microsoft Windows 7: PC = Simplicity!?

Microsoft also copied, but didn’t even bother rewriting Apple’s long standing community descriptions: Macs, they just work. Microsoft’s version: “Intuitive, familiar, and easy to use, PCs do what you want: they just work.”

Microsoft PC simplicity copies Apple Mac, it just works

Microsoft Windows 7 Simplicity

In reality, this is the Microsoft brand of “simplicity” (hint, not the same as Apple’s version):

Microsoft PC vs. Mac Simplicity, windows 7 upgrade chart

The above chart is an official Microsoft Windows 7, unaltered in any way. Does it look intuitive?

Mac can take time to learn

Under the faux PC vs. Mac simplicity section, Microsoft advertised: Macs can take time to learn.

Thanks for the laugh Redmond! To make sure Microsoft doesn’t violate truth in advertising, here’s the “real” version of that graphic:

Microsoft, Mac can take time to learn what you want, PCs will never learn

  • Mac can take time to learn WHAT YOU WANT TO DO
  • PCs will never learn

Microsoft Get a Mac Copycat Campaign: Improvement Ideas

Microsoft Ballmer Dancing Silhouette Campaign

Since Microsoft seems to like to release their Apple knockoffs years after Apple introduced them, Redmond could definitely get their CEO Steve Baloney Ballmer involved in making the next Apple-killer ad campaign, such as this:

Video: Banned Microsoft Zune Commercial

Perhaps Microsoft should try something more original?

Well, the last time Microsoft tried to copy the successful Apple iPod, the Redmond copy machines squirted a brown Zune, resulting in lots of funny jokes and this great Zun-inspired banned Microsoft commercial:

That one squirted out really well. Yeas after Apple iPod captured over 70% of market, Microsoft Zune still has only 1% market share in the portable music player market.

Conclusion: Microsoft Innovative!

Microsoft looks amazingly innovative with its new PC vs. Mac copycat campaign! Dear Steve Ballmer, here are some free tips, when Apple said: “Redmond, start your photocopiers”, that was sarcasm. In addition, the decade of Apple wins had nothing to do with copying words and images of market leaders.


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2 Responses to “Microsoft Squirted Another Apple Copy, Late Again with PC vs. Mac”

  1. Don

    Maybe the simple minded among us will fall for all this Microsoft crap, but the thinking majority, I’m sure, can easily see through all of the baloney that Microsoft is dishing out in this copy-cat campaign!


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