MacBook Air Hacked! (Mac Mod)

Monday, August 16, 2010
By OP Editor

Proof-of-concept hacked MacBook Air fits under the Apple aluminum keyboard! The hacked Apple computer can even use the new Magic Trackpad as an attachment.

Mac Mod, Apple MacBook Air hacked to fit under aluminum keyboard Magic Trackpad, components

DIY MacBook Air Mac Mod

Hoping to make an all-in-one Apple computer mod, hardware modder Bart adopted the MacBook Air’s skinny motherboard to fit under an Apple aluminum keyboard.

Mac Mod, Apple MacBook Air hacked, USB ports expansion

The Mac mod tray is made with polycarbonate like the classic PowerMac G4 Apple pro keyboard, with holes for DVI, Magsafe, USB ports, and mobo mounts.

Mac Mod Inspired by 1977 Apple II?

The DIY hacked under-keyboard MacBook Air is only a rough first generation proof-of-concept right now but it brings back the retro Apple “style.” Example, Apple II, introduced in 1977:

Apple II Plus, all-in-one computer old Mac

Interesting project. Considering some people still don’t realize Apple’s all-in-one iMac is more than a monitor (“where’s the computer?”), this DIY MacBook Air mod would be a hilarious project to show off.

[macbookairproject via giz]


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3 Responses to “MacBook Air Hacked! (Mac Mod)”

  1. Don

    I’ve been hoping that Apple would build a keyboard with the multi-track keyboard built in, one that you could place on your lap, or what have you. Hopefully, Apple will do just that. The Magic Track Pad is nice, but this is nicer still as far as I’m concerned.

    • Built in trackpad would make TV computing much easier than fumbling with mouse.

      The new Apple magic trackpad clicks with feet, so it’s sort of tricky to use it on non-table surfaces. But that would be an easy thing to modify if Apple has a good way to attach to keyboard.

  2. hahah, amazing, a good idea would be fusioned the macbook air with a cintiq 12… probably need a extra batery,


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